What We Do

We believe that every child should have access to effective reading instruction. Kendore Cares brings proven solutions to students performing below potential due to financial hardship, social stresses and/or a poor learning environment.

At the core of the Kendore Cares mission is the belief that every student will benefit from good reading instruction and should have equal access to it. Through one-on-one intervention and teacher training, we bring reading results to students in need. See how our program is making a difference to students.

Teacher Trainingteacher

Kendore Cares identifies low-performing schools for group
intervention and provides teacher training scholarships to help educators effectively reach under-performing students.

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Success Story — see how a Kendore Cares intervention made a big impact.

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One-On-One Reading Tutoring

Kendore Cares brings highly-trained reading specialists to struggling readers who otherwise could not afford tutoring. We use the Kendore Learning Curriculum, a systematic, multisensory reading program with a proven track record of success. Students learn at their own pace and achieve impressive results in short periods of time.