Have a Heart

heartsThe ConstructiveHEARTS necklace features a 16″ sterling sliver chain with a red lego “clasp” and a double-sided silver charm that reads “Love” and “Learn.”

Is literacy a cause that’s close to your heart?  Support Kendore Cares and the International Dyslexia Association with our constructiveHEARTS necklace, which features two bright red Lego pieces that snap together to form a heart.  You can literally “put the pieces together for change,” and play your part in bringing much-needed reading instruction to underserved students.

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100% of the proceeds from our constructiveHEARTS necklace benefit Kendore Cares and the International Dyslexia Association.

The benefits of the constructiveHEARTS necklace extend beyond your initial purchase.  This fun fashion statement is also a conversation piece, and by wearing it you will spark discussion and raise awareness. When people ask you about your necklace, tell them about the need for literacy intervention and why it’s a cause close to your heart.

Please join us in putting the pieces together…